Why DecisionEd

Turning Data into Educational Intelligence

Actionable Data

There are no shortages of data in nearly every every school district. Unfortunately this data is usually diffused throughout numerous source systems, is difficult to access, and is even more difficult to link together into meaningful information. One of the most common comments from DecisionEd customers is the fact that prior to implementing the DecisionEd solution; the majority of their time was spent simply compiling data with little time left for analysis.

DecisionEd solves this problem.

Pulling together all educational data assets from all relevant source systems, and then linking this data together, DecisionEd allows school educators and administrators to focus on analyzing information. A single reliable source for information on students, programs, curriculum, teachers, schools, and the district is critical.

With DecisionEd, data from multiple sources is easily linked and becomes highly accessible for different types of staff.  The Early Warning system is based on a holistic view of the student incorporating all relevant factors, not just a single assessment. Student performance is based on multiple measures, including assessments, classroom assignments, and interventions.

Data teams and PLC’s now have access to a robust 360 degree view by student, by curriculum, or by grade level.

Early Warning System

Finding at-risk students that need additional help in time to make a difference can be a challenge. Cookie cutter risk alert features in LMS and assessment software often apply the same formula across the board based on a single source of information – test scores. Generic tools like these often miss students or alert you of problems after it’s too late.

Every district is unique. Every school is unique. Every grade is unique. So are your students. By going beyond test scores and analyzing all of your data, DecisionEd can create multiple, highly customized alert profiles that are more accurate and timely than one-size-fits-all solutions. Attendance, historical interventions, assignment level grades… The more information you have, the more accurate your alerts become.

If you already have good statistical models of what students are at risk, DecisionEd can import and utilize them. But it can also help you identify connection points you may not have considered through its ability to asses and analyze massive amounts of data. You can even utilize IBM Watson artificial intelligence to do the kind of data mining that once required a team of experienced experts. And you don’t need a degree in statistics to use it. Just ask questions like, “what impacts reading proficiency” to help you spot which students could benefit from tutoring.

Dashboards That Engage Staff/Students

Engaging Dashboards translates to engaged stakeholders. To leverage the power of educational intelligence, we have learned the importance of targeting content to specific roles and functions.

The daily information required by an elementary school principal requires daily is different from that of a high school principal. The data required by middle school counselors focused on tracking students who are lagging behind their peers, is different from high school counselors who are focusing on credit accumulation.

Each group of stakeholders has unique requirements for information.

DecisionEd offers total flexibility for dashboard content. Our technology allows power-users to easily configure content as needed. The solution makes it quick and easy for functional groups to roll out dashboards that provide insight in targeted areas.

During the deployment, DecisionEd staff conducts Dashboard Discovery Sessions with individual stakeholder groups. When stakeholders attend their first training, their dashboards include the content they defined, with their own data displayed.

Adoption of any new capability is a key element of success. DecisionEd understands the importance of adoption and the underlying factors that drive your district’s success.