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Do you manage your data?

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What We Do

Actionable Data

Turn your data into actionable information. All data related to student performance across multiple data sources can be integrated and made immediately actionable.

Spend your time actually analyzing information – not just compiling data into a useable format. Answer questions that were previously unanswerable by linking data across multiple disparate sources.

Early Warning System

Identify students who need help in time to make a difference. DecisionEd can analyze myriad data sources, providing more accurate alerts than single source assessment-based tools. Allowing you to rapidly create and refine customized profiles based on schools, grades or other criteria. IBM Watson artificial intelligence can even help you find patterns you might have missed.

Dashboards That Engage

The key to adopting this powerful solution into your culture is the ability to deliver impactful information to stakeholders. This information should be delivered when and how the stakeholders need it. DecisionEd provides a 360-degree view of students, school, curriculum, programs, and more.

You choose who has access: staff, teachers, parents, and/or students.

What Our Customers Say

Frisco ISD, TX

“DecisionEd has enabled our staff to spend more time on the critical decision making, planning and direction in student learning by providing on demand data that significantly reduces search time for information within our various systems, as well as reducing the human errors that can occur when working with large amounts of data and information”.

“The level and quality of support DecisionEd provides ensures district success. DecisionEd’s support Team is there to help us with every step of the process from implementation to ongoing and changing data needs.”

Bob Allen

Director of Business Applications and Process

Mobile County Schools, AL

“Our district had data scattered from here to there and DecisionEd brought that data together in a matter of weeks. We have been satisfied customers for over 10 years. If you are looking for someone to help put all your data points into one complete package, look no further than DecisionEd.”

David K Akridge

Executive Manager – Information Technology

MSD of Warren Township, IN

“DecisionEd allows us to easily use performance, academic and behavior data to determine where we are doing well and where we need to direct our efforts for improvement.”

Lee Ann Kwiatkowski

Assistant Superintendent

Humble ISD, TX

“One of the very most valuable benefits of using DecisionEd is the collaboration on reports that specifically target our needs.  There is hardly a day (or data request) that goes by that I don’t respond ‘Yes, there’s a report for that!’”

Mary Kay Gianoutsos

Director of Evaluation

From Data to Intelligence

DecisionEd integrates data from all source systems in the district. Information is seamlessly distributed to provide easy analysis across all subject areas. It is now possible to access disparate data sources to analyze information and answer previously unanswerable questions.  Easily link student performance to programs, curriculum, or any other key indicator.

No Surprise Deployment

DecisionEd’s Deployment Team takes responsibility for your success. Our teams have deployed the DecisionEd solution for large and small school districts throughout the United States. At each step from deployment, planning and training, to user rollout the DecisionEd team works seamlessly with your staff and leads the way with proven best practices.

Flexible/Scalable Access

DecisionEd knows that when it comes to success with data, one-size does not fit all. The DecisionEd solution provides multiple pathways for delivering of information: Dashboards, Reports, Alerts, Email Delivery, and Advanced Analytics. Deliver essential information in the most usable format for every type of user in the district.

We Deliver Education Intelligence