How It Works

Let us show you what we can do for your school district.

From Data to Impact

DecisionEd provides your school district with a robust data infrastructure that is open, manageable, and easily customizable. Using a SQL Server foundation, DecisionEd mines data from existing district sources, and then consolidates it into a central repository integrating it across the district.

Tapping into a single source of information, each stakeholder works securely from the same source. Your staff can focus on analyzing and understanding their data, instead of endlessly compiling information.

All your data is secure. Your district’s data security policies are embedded in our pre-existing security roles and new roles can be added as required. Your district’s rules control who can access student data or other sensitive data.

DecisionEd provides your district with a data warehouse built on industry-recognized Kimball methodology and star schema models. This repository allows your staff to view existing data via dashboards, reports, alerts, and analytics.


Over 600 reports are included, and built on best practices from districts across the county. Each report allows extensive selection criteria so stakeholders can cutomize their reports. Reports are searchable by category or a natural language interface to find the answers for your questions. Direct access to online documentation from either the search function or by clicking on the footer of the report provides additional the details on the fly.

Reports within the DecisionEd product can be modified by your team to create specific local reports, and new reports can be created as needed.   Training for modifying and creating reports are included in deployment.


Unique to each role within the district, Dashboards are focused on the content which impacts each user. The DecisionEd “building block” approach for Dashboards allows for the easy assembly of views which are tailored for user needs. Integrated Drill-Thru provides immediate exploration of the details.

A robust library of Dashboard building blocks are built into the product and organized around topic areas. Build your own Dashboard components using queries or reports that you design and construct. Every component of a DecisionEd Dashboard can be modified by your team to deploy  Dashboards targeted to all your stakeholders, based on their requirements.

Selectors provide the capability for the stakeholder to immediately filter the data displayed. Focus in on a school or group of schools, special population groups, or grade levels.

Your district team has flexibility to define Dashboards for the stakeholder groups across the organization. You may start with Administrative and support staff first, then add in classroom teachers. Or go straight to Dashboards down to the Parent/Student level. Flexibility to target the audience you want to engage with the information important to the audience.


Think of Alerts as warning lights on your car’s dashboard, signaling a problem. Alerts allow you to quickly find and communicate concerns based on your criteria.

DecisionEd provides alerts that automatically monitor your data and notify you when your predefined thresholds are met. For example, imagine receiving an email alerting you about high school students who are failing a math course, even though they had previously demonstrated proficiency. Or, imagine receiving a notification when a student’s attendance pattern changes or reportable behavior infractions occur.


Moving beyond traditional reports, analytics and visualizations provide deeper insight into correlations and causality throughout your environment. Analytics allow users to study and research courses of action over time.

DecisionEd provides a robust series of analytical options that are embedded throughout our product. Within reports, for example, users can immediately see a snapshot of the classification techniques that were applied to their data, yielding new insights on problems and driving creative approaches. Dashboards with interactive regressions display correlation coefficients. Techniques such as Effect Size can be applied to across cohort groups, showing movement across standard deviations.

Data Mining and Predictive Analysis allow for a deeper dive into your district data. Explore underlying factors and enable your team to build a pathway to allow every student to achieve the growth they are capable of.

Understand the factors, apply solutions, and measure the results.

Predictive Analysis opens a new world of exciting possibilities for a school district. Through models specific to your data, you can identify problems and challenges before they arise. For example, what is the value of predicting with a high degree of probability which 6th graders will struggle in Geometry when they get to high school?

DecisionEd leads the educational industry with the tools and capability for integrated Analytics at your district.

No Surprise Deployment

Achieving beneficial results is the goal in the deployment of any new technology. Based on our experience, deploying in districts across the country, we have refined the best practices that yield predictable and proven results.

The deployment team from DecisionEd works hand-in-hand with district staff, leading and executing through a planned and proven process.

Working under the direction of the Deployment Manager, a team of specialists focus on deployment from the initial step of infrastructure deployment, to the loading of historical data, through Dashboard Discovery sessions and finally stakeholder training.

A deployment of DecisionEd is inclusive. There are no incremental or surprise costs. Complete professional development is included with onsite training at multiple levels.

After deployment, districts transition to the DecisionEd support team. With a designated point of contact, your environment is maintained and automatically extended as new functionality becomes available with the DecisionEd product.

Flexible/Scalable Use

When it comes to data access, one size does not fit all.

Consider stakeholders within your district.   Some are power users, voraciously consuming data, always pushing the data envelope within PLC’s and Data Teams.    Others just need a daily dashboard with the key metrics displayed.   Maybe it’s the latest test scores or patterns in Teacher Absence.   Finally there may be a few who need information but are happy receiving their data via email.

More than just three categories, and to add complexity people will change categories of how they interact with data over time.

DecisionEd provides a robust scalable platform for data access.   Whether it is the user who just wants a simple dashboard or the power user leading data discussions and planning within the district.    DecisionEd supports all your users through all phases of their interaction with data.

Whether it is the advanced analytics, flexible Dashboards, District defined Alerts, or a selection of the over 600 reports:  DecisionEd delivers Educational Intelligence for your district.