About DecisionEd

Leveraging Data for Performance Education


DecisionEd’s guiding vision is to empower school districts with the quantitative decision tools long used in the business arena, yet tailored to the unique needs of educators. By providing a complete, easy-to-understand view of every metric available, we can help schools make more informed decisions and ultimately help children attain their educational goals. With an exclusive focus on education, our people are dedicated to delivering tools that help improve graduation rates and educational outcomes so that students can excel in K-12 and beyond.


Used by school districts throughout the United States, DecisionEd is a leader in K-12 data and performance management solutions. DecisionEd provides a unique combination of powerful data consolidation, simple customization, ease of use, FERPA-compliant security and clear reporting. Built from the ground up specifically for the needs of K-12 education, the DecisionEd solution is complete, easy to implement, easy to use, and is delivered by people who have helped more than 300 school districts and Departments of Education develop a clearer vision, make more informed decisions and deliver better results for their students.

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