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Launching a New Year with Precision on Aug. 8 at 11 a.m. CST

As each new school year begins, campuses come alive with activity! Students transition to new environments, fresh faces of teachers and administrators join the team, and new initiatives are launched, all while navigating the inevitable unexpected challenges. How can you prepare and equip yourself with the tools needed to proactively tackle these new beginnings and […]

Aligning District Goals to Drive Continuous Improvement February 28 at 1 PM CST

Many school systems are challenged by a disconnect between instructional goals at the classroom level, and the district-level strategic plan. Aligning goals, measures, and data through collaboration, vision, and shared leadership across a school district is key to driving continuous improvement. Attend this webinar with assistant superintendent and education leadership consultant Dr. Jay Marino from […]

New Frontiers In Data- Partnered Webinar with THE Journal

Data usage by schools and districts has undergone a dramatic cultural shift. In this webcast, you’ll hear from two school districts on their experiences using DecisionEd and learn how it can: Deliver proven, actionable insight for data-driven decision making in K-12 districts Empower school districts with a complete set of quantitative decision tools Simplify customization, […]

New Frontiers In Data with THE Journal

With the right tool, the analysis, reporting and dashboarding of school data are no longer just the purview of district specialists. Now, timely information leading to better decision-making can be made available to anybody on the staff with the security to see the data, in leadership or on staff with questions to ask. Download this […]

Data Driven Graduation

Learn how using DecisionEd, can prove how better data can drive measurable, improved graduation results. Click here to request this White Paper…

Early Warning

How can you identify at-risk students in time to make a difference? This paper examines the problem and best practice solutions. Click here to request this White Paper…

Data Warehouse: Build vs. Buy

Delve into the issues surrounding the question of whether to build or purchase a data warehouse. Consider requirements, staff resources, costs, roll-out and deployment and more. Click here to request this White Paper…